Hermes Silk Scarf “Wild Singapore“ by Alice Shirley

Beautiful and highly collectible Hermes Silk Scarf “Wild Singapore“ by Alice Shirley.

Alice Shirley pays tribute to the stunning biodiversity of Singapore. A key stopover for birds migrating from northern Asia to Australia, this fertile island dotted with mangroves and rainforests is home to some unique flora and fauna. Most of the animal species depicted under the tree canopy – bats, greater mouse-deer, leopard cats and Malayan civets – are nocturnal and only come out at nightfall. At the center of the composition, a lion in the form of a tropical fig tree watches over the nature of Singapore, whose name means “the city of the lion” in Sanskrit, in reference to its founding legend.

First issued in Autumn 2020.

The background colours are: Fuchsia, beige, red.

Composition: Silk Twill 100%.

Size: 90cm x 90cm.

Comes with Hermes box.



Excellent condition. Brand new with tags.

There are no pulls, stains, discolouration, holes or snags.

The hemps are plump. No S stamp.