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One of the defining elements of Chanel is tweed, which dates back to the 1920s when Chanel began utilizing the material to create its famed two-piece suits for women inspired by sportswear. Though first not considered a luxury fabric, tweed quickly became synonymous with the brand. The unexpected luxury and diversity of the fabric became evident, and over the years, plenty of bags were given the tweed treatment. This season Chanel introduced a selection of pink tweed finishes on already coveted bags, including the Timeless Flap as well as the Chanel 19.

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A Modern Classic

A twist on the staple, this rendition of the Chanel Classic Flap features soft, luxe fuchsia cashmere tweed with gold metal hardware. Aside from this, the bag is precisely what you know the Timeless Flap to be. You’ll find a flap closure that opens with the CC turnlock, interior pockets, and an exterior open pocket. If you already own a leather version of this bag, which many of us do, opting for something far more trendy while remaining timeless is the way to go. The leather and chain strap finish off the design.

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The 19, Updated

When the 19 was released, I was on the fence. But like many of you, I take a bit of time adjusting to new things, including bags. Though some versions of the 19 look a bit too casual for my liking as they are worn in, I find this tweed version delightful. There is a plaid pattern featuring pink, ecru, and tan, along with a combination of hardware colors. I know tweed may not be the most practical material when it comes to your bags, but what can I say? I like what I like.

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And this tiny little bag? It’s not one of the main Chanel designs, but it is a cute option that includes House design elements, including a really sleek integration of the CC logo on the shoulder strap.

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